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The Division of Student Affairs is critically engaged in all aspects of students’ lives. To support you and all whom we serve, the Division collaborates with students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and many others in the delivery of key services.

Our programs and services are designed to support the optimal growth of Duke students, enhance their intellectual, social, cultural and physical development, and complement Duke’s academic excellence.

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Welcome to Student Affairs at Duke

The Division of Student Affairs supports over 16,000 Duke undergraduate, graduate and professional students and engages tens of thousands of visitors, families, and members of the Duke community every year. Our team includes more than 800 dining staff, 200 housekeepers, 100 clinicians and care providers, and scores of student development specialists, event coordinators, residential coordinators, career advisers and operations experts.  We partner with student leaders and faculty on the Durham and Beaufort campuses throughout the calendar year.  

Our primary job is to ensure Duke students have the resources and support they need to arrive at their classes and laboratories ready to engage in critical thinking and learning each day. We also help Blue Devils gain skills and insight about themselves and the world - and we take great pride in helping future leaders tackle obstacles, flourish, and make the most of their Duke experience.  Through a wide range of programs and offices– from undergraduate new student and family programs to career advising, from venue management and the box office to QuadEx, student leader advising, and student-programs and initiatives in our Identity and Cultural Centers, we love being a part of our students’ individual journeys and fostering excellence across Duke.  

We’re glad you’re here!


Mary Pat McMahon
Vice Provost and Vice President of Student Affairs

Duke Chapel

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COVID-19 Update

All Duke students should follow the university's frequently updated COVID-19 guidance. Learn more on Duke's Coronavirus Response site. Here's what do if you feel sick.

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